Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Classifieds Shopping - Jiji.NG

Shopping at classifieds still remains a complicated process for some people, but it is only because sometimes they don’t understand completely what classifieds is and what it is used for. It is a universal shopping spot in the first place, which consists of numerous adverts and functions all over the country. It is a unique service that has gathered hundreds of thousands of offers from all over the country and is ready to share its information with others.

Classifieds occupy a place somewhere in the middle between simple advertisements and online stores. It a collection of various offers gathered in one place specially for your convenience, which has grown into a real service where you can buy and sell various things. Actually, classifieds websites like Jiji.ng site remind a market, and their work is based on familiar principles. Sellers promote their goods in order to make someone buy them, and people wandering around web pages can find what they need and make a purchase.

Another feature that makes Jiji similar to a market is that buyers and sellers deal directly with each other. It means there are no annoying shopping assistants with their unnecessary and useless help. As a result, this helps to avoid extra charges and overpricing. Speaking about differences, on Jiji you can always post your adverts for free. It is a significant improvement, as it is required to pay for placing an advert in a newspaper and paying for a market stall. Thus, you get the lowest prices possible to find.

Such opportunity ensures an amazing selection of things available on the website, which together with a convenient searching system and low prices create a perfect combination. This is exactly what makes Jiji classifieds No.1 in Nigeria. It is a place with over 520,000 active ads visited by more than 10 million users per month. You can become one of them and learn what classifieds shopping is on your own.  

Source: Jiji.ng.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Don’t Wait Around To Be Great, Just Do It

Just do it ::: Your ambitions haven’t changed; you want to do more and what you have is just not enough. Working in a company that allows you to question “the why of things and the why not” will give you a sense of fulfillment. At the Concept House, what we do today is not what we do tomorrow. Employees are given the opportunity to express and contribute their original thoughts. We believe that ideas push the progress of things.

With three fast growing subsidiaries (Rosabon Financial Services, Concept Nova and Percy Aitkins), everyone at The Concept Group is always one step ahead. With a better team there is a higher chance of success. You get the opportunity to experience diversity as long as you have a flexible mind that is open to further development.

Our core values are based on Four guiding pillars; Intelligence, Hard work, Humility and Emotional Intelligence. We believe that a great organization can only be built by great people with the right culture. 

We are looking for individuals with these four attributes. A collection of individuals that push boundaries with possible solutions focused on long term. We do not ask you to give what you do not have. If you are a Concept type individual, don’t wait any longer!. To begin your application process, Visit: www.conceptgroup-ng.com/portal

Violence Erupts In Chicago After Trump Rally Is Called Off Over Protesters Threat To Storm The Stage

They don't feel Trump, that is the deal ::: Protesters at Donald Trump's first Chicago campaign rally were so numerous on Friday 11th March 2016 that they shut the event down following loud demonstrations and a series of physical brawls. Fistfights broke out inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion between an anti-Trump mob and Chicagoans who came to hear the Republican front-runner speak... outside, an impatient group of thousands more massed, Temperatures rose.

Multiple law enforcement sources told DailyMail.com that there was a credible threat against Trump from groups of protesters who planned to storm the stage. They intended to swarm to the front of the crowd at an agreed-upon signal, a Secret Service agent said his agency believed, converging on Trump's podium from different directions all at once. Trump himself ultimately called it off.

President Obama And Wife Laughing At The State Dinner

Funny things ::: What could they be laughing about, it must be something very funny. The US first couple both laughing at the same time.

Event: Excellence In Life Presents 'The Power Of Excellence', Don't Miss This

Don't miss this one ::: Excellence is a culture; it begins with the way you think. Join Dr. Femi Paul and the Catalyst, Lanre Olusola at the Excellence in Life Series on Saturday, 19th March 2016. The EIL Series is a bi-monthly workshop aimed at Eradicating Mediocrity from society, Stimulating Mindset Growth and Optimizing Potential. It will debut with THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE as its theme. Admission is FREE; but REGISTRATION is required. CALL 08182377440 or 08027661318 to REGISTER Now!.

Musician MoCheddah Writes Emotional Tribute Note To Her Late Dad

Nice one coming from MoCheddah ::: Hey daddy, I miss your smile, I miss your laugh , I miss your love , I miss your hugs , I miss our chats , I miss singing to you, I miss your beautiful heart, All this time has passed but I miss you still.. It's almost 10 years since you left and They say time heals but I haven't, I still feel that pain, that indescribable heart ache, that empty space..... I carry you in my heart everyday and I ask myself " what would daddy want me to do?" I hope I have made you proud of all I have done.. i only hope to be half the person you were,because no one, I mean no one can be as amazing as you, that's why God had to have you. I love you more than every and anything daddy... I'm sad you aren't here so all I have to do is keep "missing you". Sleep well JULIUS BABATUNDE OLA... Love, dupy dupy.

Not Funny! Will You Say Yes To This

Not funny ::: Your boyfriend proposes, he says he didn't have time to save up and buy you a diamond ring. Instead, he makes you one cut out of wood and a cheap gemstone. Will you say yes.

John Legend Throw Abusing Fingers At Donald Trump's Son On Twitter

Some play nice ::: A usually meek John Legend came for Donald Trump's son after he made comments about the protest against his dad in Chicago.

See This Cool 'Back In The Days' Picture Of Ramsey Noah

Cool throwback picture ::: The picture has gone viral on the web and fans of the star think he looks cool. 

Rapper 2shotz Writes Emotional Note To His His Adorable Daughter, He Celebrates Her Birthday

Happy birthday to the little girl ::: Rapper, 2shotz, wrote an emotional birthday message to his daughter as she turns one on the 12th of March 2016. If you remember, his estranged wife, Precious, went back to Canada in 2015 after claims of domestic violence. She alleged that he physically and mentally abused her.

Here is what he wrote:
My darling daughter...I called u chidiebube for a huge reason....I have been denied watching ur birth and only saw u 6 months after....and ive only seen u once in my life....you have been snatched away from me and there has been a lotta lies told to d public just to enhance keeping u away from me. It hurts me that I won't be present for this 1st one...I miss u so much...it hurts me dat i may never be present in ur childhood to teach u a lot as a dad...I wanted u to be my ride or die n bestfriend ...I wanted soooo many tins for u..but my hands are tied..for now...but i have kept silent for a huge reason n let God be awesome in ur life for me...wherever u go God will be with you and protect you... if whenever you grow up and look for me....let it be known to you that daddy is a famous man...ask for me and let someone who sees this somewhere somehow show this to u...and i will be waiting to see you again and tell u my side of the whole story...if u have brothers and sisters by then..they will be told about you.....and know that daddy fought really hard for you...and will still I write this in tears n joy at d same time...always remember..you are an ORIOHA.....and we love you....especially grandad, grandma, uncle muna and aunty chichi...and daddy loves and will always love you..forver..... HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY bubu...may God bless and protect you for me. with love -DADDY-".

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