Saturday, 12 March 2016

Musician MoCheddah Writes Emotional Tribute Note To Her Late Dad

Nice one coming from MoCheddah ::: Hey daddy, I miss your smile, I miss your laugh , I miss your love , I miss your hugs , I miss our chats , I miss singing to you, I miss your beautiful heart, All this time has passed but I miss you still.. It's almost 10 years since you left and They say time heals but I haven't, I still feel that pain, that indescribable heart ache, that empty space..... I carry you in my heart everyday and I ask myself " what would daddy want me to do?" I hope I have made you proud of all I have done.. i only hope to be half the person you were,because no one, I mean no one can be as amazing as you, that's why God had to have you. I love you more than every and anything daddy... I'm sad you aren't here so all I have to do is keep "missing you". Sleep well JULIUS BABATUNDE OLA... Love, dupy dupy.

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